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Functionality Testing & Commissioning

Racon Data Centres provides functionality testing commissioning services
As a final step in the process of building a new data centre, Racon Data Centres offers functionality testing services to ensure that a data centre will perform to the approved design.

Functionality Testing and Commissioning Phase
During the testing phase our team will work with key decision makers in your organization to develop procedures that test the operation of the data centre infrastructure equipment to prove performance.

What else can you expect?
Our testing agent will develop custom testing procedures that are written around this facility, provide step-by-step methods of procedures for technicians, provide forms to record results, source testing equipment as required, and supervise the execution of the testing. Any deficiencies or non-performance items shall be identified upon discovery, direction provided to trades to rectify, and then retested.  The results of the testing phase shall be provided in a binder for the client's records.

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